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Session Spotlight

Jonas’ Mission

In 2018, Jonas started praying at the dinner table. He was 6 years old and he didn’t pray for what you would think. He wasn’t asking for toys, or video games, or extra T.V. time; he actually wasn’t praying for himself at all. Jonas was praying for the less fortunate, asking Jesus to provide for them.

Day after day Jonas would pray for the less fortunate, until one day his mother, Shanna, asked him why he was doing it. His answer was simple: “Jesus is telling me to do it.” The little boy made a list of things he wanted to do and then, with the help of his mother, he set out to make sure something happened.

Initially, Shanna reached out to people on Facebook, in search of organizations they could help, but Jonas wanted to do more, thus Jonas’ Mission was born.

Whether it’s feeding people on the square in downtown Mansfield, handing out toiletries and bibles, or campaigning to collect carts for the homeless, Jonas is always coming up with ideas. Big ones. His latest goal is to open a shelter, one where people in need can not only find temporary housing, but also learn life skills like reading, cooking or gardening, or in Jonas’ words “ways to survive” that will later help them get back on their feet.

“I want people to know that I am not just trying to help the homeless, I am also trying to help the less fortunate and anybody who needs it,” Jonas said.

Jonas, now 8 years old, has long been able to recognize that while life may not always be perfect, he is fortunate. He has a loving family, and a safe home where dinner is always served. He has friends, a coat for winter, presents at Christmastime. Yet he has also always been selfless enough to realize that not everyone gets the same good fortune and that, for some, one meal, one coat, one Bible, one big smile from a little 8 year old boy in glasses can be that life-altering bit of good fortune they were waiting for.

For that, Jonas is a hero.

It was an absolute honor to capture Jonas’s spirit and love through an Awesome Me Session.


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