The Awesome Me Project

One mission: to help kids find their own beautiful identity.


What is Awesome Me?

The Awesome Me Project is a photographic experiment designed for children ages 8 to 12, or ‘tweenagers’. Our goal is to give girls AND boys an experience that allows them to express their personalities, passions, hobbies, talents, and dreams through beautiful photographs they can share with friends and family, and cherish for years to come.

With this project, we also hope to promote kindness, self-worth, confidence, and an appreciation for what makes each person unique.

Participants are encouraged to bring along several changes of clothing, and items they feel represent who they are at this point in their life. An instrument they love to play…a pet they love more than anything in the world…books if they love to read…art supplies if they love to draw. They can also bring along something that represents what they hope to be one day…a lab coat…a uniform…the sky’s the limit!


15 client-selected digital images

1, 3×4 accordion book

2 magnets

5, 5×7 prints

Starting at


Let me explain this amazing lady. I called her and asked her to capture my 6 month old son’s final moments in Akron Children’s Hospital. Without any hesitation Bertha spent nearly a whole 24 hours with my family. She stayed while he was on life support, while people held him one last time, and she stayed for his passing in our arms. If you need anything special done please contact her.

Katy Palmer